Due to the delicate nature of your Moda Minx Bikini, it must be treated with extra love and care.

  • To get the best life out of your item please read through carefully as we cannot accept back returns on worn bikinis:
  • While some of our swimwear is designed for use in a pool they are NOT intended for strenuous activity and should NOT be worn in chlorinated or salt water under ANY circumstances.

If this is not followed, Moda Minx will NOT be responsible for the damage to your item- these Care Instructions are in place for a reason, to protect your Bikini!

  • Embellished Bikinis and Swimwear that have crystals, link or chain hardware are luxury poolside items ONLY and not intended for water exposure.’
  • Please be aware, printed bikinis are cut from a roll of fabric in which occasionally the print may not be exactly the same as pictured above.
  • As with any custom-made accessories, crystals are NOT glued in and may come loose after time- we can provide replacement crystals as long as this is still in stock if this occurs.

Discolouration or deterioration will not be the responsibility of Moda Minx if the guidelines are not followed correctly.

All Bikinis and Swimwear MUST be hand washed!

  • We advise all suits to be rinsed immediately following use of activity using cold water in a mild detergent, ensuring the accessories do NOT meet ANY water. This can be easily done by washing the item in the sink, avoiding the accessories. To make this slightly easier, we recommend wrapping the accessories in cling film to ensure NO water meets them.
  • Any fabrics on bikinis which are not lycra are not to be made wet. This includes any metallic fabrics. For more information on how to wash your bikini without damaging it then please email [email protected] as we will not be held responsible for damage after it has been washed.
  • Metallic fabric/strings should not be made wet to avoid any fading or discolouration.
  • Custom jewellery on our bikinis are metal based and under sun exposure can heat up, it is your responsibility as a customer to ensure there is no prolonged sun exposure to avoid any damage to the accessory or skin.
  • Do NOT iron, tumble-dry, machine wash or dry clean- INCLUDING the Hand Wash setting on a machine!
  • It is advisable to keep items FLAT when drying and DO NOT wring them dry, to keep the fabric from stretching and avoid colour transfer.
    Please take care when applying lotions, oils or fake tans as these WILL mark the fabric of your Bikini and Swimwear.
  • We use the best dyes available but CANNOT guarantee complete colour-fastness.
  • It is normal for customised dyes to bleed when wet, so we recommend avoiding light coloured clothing over wet garments at ALL times!
    We advise to keep your Bikini wrapped in protective wrapping at ALL times.
  • Do NOT allow accessories to lay across fabric to avoid pulls and plucks!
  • Items returned with pulls and plucks to the fabric WILL be returned to the customer!

If this is not followed, Moda Minx will NOT be responsible for the damage to your item- these Care Instructions are in place for a reason, to protect your Bikini!

Every INDIVIDUAL garment is quality checked before it leaves the warehouse!

  • This is to ensure embellishments are in PERFECT condition upon leaving the premises.
  • Every item is placed in protective wrapping on transit so NO items are damaged upon their arrival to you.
  • Any manufacturing faults must be reported within 3 days after receiving to arrange a return/refund/exchange!

If you choose to return your item, it MUST be sent back in the same condition you received it in!

  • The accessories NEED to be wrapped when returning to avoid the fabric becoming plucked
  • Once the tags and hygiene sticker are removed from the product, the item is UNRETURNABLEā€¦ EVEN IF UNWORN
  • Please note, all of our swimwear are exclusive designs so if chosen to return, as per our return policy, this will be for store credit or an exchange only.

Finally, we ask when trying on your items that it is done with CARE to avoid any damage to fragile embellishments.

Breakages due to ill fit will NOT be the responsibility of Moda Minx, so please DO NOT force garments on if they are not the correct size!